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Message from Managing Director & CEO
Green Delta Securities Limited (GDSL), offers a full-fledged international standard brokerage service for retail and institutional clients. GDSL stepped into the capitalized brokerage business in the year 2006.Since the inception, GDSL has been ensuring the state of the art technology and placed itself in the league of leading brokerage companies of Bangladesh. GDSL is a fully owned subsidiary of Green Delta Insurance Company Limited.
At GDSL,we are passionate about partnering our clients and adding value to their businesses and society in general. We are committed to continually investing in the professional growth and development of our talent pool. Our organization is driven by a focus on superior financial performance, sustainable business practices and strong Corporate Governance.

GDSL placed itself a step ahead by introducing customize products for students, women, Businessman & NRB which is first of its kind in the industry & perfectly tailored to their needs.

GDSL is the 1st brokerage house in Bangladesh that introduced customized products (Nibedita, Bijoy, GD Privilege, Probashi) for the different target groups in terms facility and benefits. All these products are already introduced inthecapitalmarketin2015.We received very positive response for all the products especially Nibedita and Bijoy. Every product is unique in terms of features, benefits and target group. We believe GDSL will able to attract more investors in our capital market.
In the year 2015, with the continues support of our visionary board of directors & the management, GDSL had achieved couple of landmarks. Inception of foreign trade, re-launching Sylhet branch with a grand “Mezbaan”,” The Hunter Campaign”, integration of the state of the art back office software are few of the many more achievements.   GDSL has been awarded as “Best Stock Broker” for it uncompromised customer service & integrity.  From the inception, GDSL focused on adding the best value to clients which has been recognized by one of the most reputed financial publication by awarding GDSL as the “Best Stock Broker.
Year 2015 was a year of reformation for Bangladesh Capital Market. We have seen couple of major changes, starting from DSE demutualization to IPO regulations. GDSL focused on economies of scale, ensures best service for clients through the finest trade execution which resulted GDSL to keep its position uphold with almost 2% market share.
GDSL believes that its quality human resources are its most important assets and recognizes the mas-building blocks of corporate performance and development. The Company continues to develop and implement prudent human resource policies to motivate its employees and ensure their optimum contribution towards the achievement of ethical standards and goals. With a strong belief that human resources infuse a significant competitive edge, we continue to recruit the best talent. We also conduct diverse training and motivational programs to develop and retain a high-quality human resource.
GDSL is committed to sustainable development by creating long-term value-value for our stakeholders, value for the environment and value for the community. Our sustainability focus is based only on continued financial performance but also on good corporate governance, strict compliance and highest ethical standards; meeting stakeholder rights and expectation; better environmental performance; and community empowerment through our strategic decisions and business activities. We have specific commitment and objectives against each of these areas, constituting a vital part of our journey towards a sustainable future.
GDSL provides overwhelming customer experience through its state-of-the-art sales service, From IPO to block market trading GDSL has always been dedicated to clients value generation with it’s market wide network and sharp sales team. We welcome the investors, international brokers, fund managers from all over the world to onboard with us towards achieving the goal of being the top brokerage house of Bangladesh 
Wafi S M Khan
Managing Director & CEO