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Green Delta Securities Ltd
Maximizing growth through intelligence at work
Green Delta Securities Limited, one of the most renowned brokerage houses of the country, set foot in the capitalized brokerage business in the year 2005. Within a short period of time it has succeeded to find itself among the league of state of the art securities companies of Bangladesh. Green Delta Securities is a 100% subsidiary of Green Delta Insurance Company Limited and offers full-fledged global standard brokerage services for retail and institutional clients.Green Delta Securities Limited is the only brokerage house from Bangladesh to have received the prestigious CFI Award in 2014. Currently the company is being run under the skillful leadership of Mr. Wafi S M Khan who is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.The visionary board members and the management team have taken the company far among the other notable corporates of the country.

GDSL at a Glance


16 October, 2005

Member of

DSE TREC # 059
CSE TREC # 130

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More than 5,000+ High Net Worth Clients
100+ Institutional Clients

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<> 2.00%

 Green Delta Securities is running their business with a good number of branches in the strategically important locations of the country.The stock brokerage industry of the country lacks glamour unlike the western countries. Stock brokerage or investment banking is not yet the first pick of the youth as their dream profession. Green Delta Securities has a reputation of being the agent of change when it comes to the brokerage business. They are taking up initiatives to change the negative perspective that people are holding toward the capital market and motivating investors to invest wisely and timely. As the industry won´t flourish without the presence of qualified and experienced people in this sector, Green Delta Securities is hand pickingthe cream of the professionals from the industry.

Green Delta Securities has a vision to be the most preferred brokerage house for individual and institutional clients. They have made sure that the services clients are getting are of best quality and they are maintaining strong compliance. Green Delta Securities Limited offers highest quality service at a competitive price for all the capital market needs. Their services are comprehensive in nature, including brokerage, CDBL, Tele trading and custodian services. They provide all types of Brokerage Services through DSE and CSE starting from Beneficiary Account (BO) opening to CDBL related services, notification of corporate announcements like AGM, Cash Dividend, Right Bonus etc.

Understanding the significance of well-built IT infrastructure for smoother business operation, GDSL has installed state of the art back office software, uninterrupted data connectivity links across all branches and the stock exchanges, latest hardware and other accessories.

They also have an Online Share Order (OSO) software platform through which the clients, both local and international, can place their buy/sell orders through online which are then executed in the shortest possible time and confirmation are sent thereby.

With the aim to provide the best Financial Services with new and innovative investment products for the capital market investors, Green Delta Securities Ltd. is committed to recruit the resources/staffs with high proficiency and proper know how.With the investment in IT infrastructure; efficient customer service, innovative services to make trade operation convenient, Green Delta Securities is closer to achieving its goal to become the finest brokerage house of the country. Green Delta believes in intelligence at work to maximize growth and profitability both for the clients and the organization itself.